BAKOPLAST provides the most modern solutions for storing all types of Liquids, Drinking Water, Foodstuff, Wine, Oil, Chemicals (Acids, Alkalies), Petroleum, etc., manufactured under strict quality standards, excellent service, unlimited lifetime and high-fidelity materials in accordance with National and European legislation.

The comprehensive BAKOPLAST tank production procedures offer a wide range of models, that accommodate multiple solutions and utilize available space.

The BAKOPLAST tanks are manufactured via Rotational Molding technology and made of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) enriched with U.V. sunscreen.

Polyethylene as a solid chain of ethylene molecules, is characterized by high strength, robustness and is absolutely neutral with respect to other materials.

These ultra-modern and practical tanks are lightweight, have ideal dimensions, have improved design with handles for easy transport, are suitable for direct exposure to solar radiation (black color) and high durability (aging guarantee up to 10 years ).